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Wellness Coach

From the inside out

Physical Therapy and Wellness to treat the mind, body, and soul. 

"Treating the root cause of the pain and dysfunction, not just the symptoms"



Katie Bradshaw 

Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer,

Vaginal Steam Facilitator, Reiki Master

"The goal of my practice is to partner with you to achieve your personal health goals. I truly believe you cannot treat the physical body successfully if you fail to involve the mind and soul. If you have experienced only temporary relief with traditional Physical Therapy or massage I invite you to my practice.  Together we will uncover the root cause of your pain. This is where authentic healing occurs.


Private Treatment Sessions




Steam saunas are also available to purchase with free local Fargo/Moorhead delivery ~ $229 + tax



Katie has treated me for over 10 years. She is extremely gifted at myofascial release. Not only has this technique healed my chronic neck pain it has helped release stuck emotions in my body. Being a survivor of domestic abuse there was much emotional trauma stuck in my body. I didn’t realize that was even possible until she released it with mfr. She helped me realize that a lot of the physical pain I was experiencing was actually emotional pain trapped in my fascia. This is truly one of the most amazing and underutilized treatments out there. Katie has amazing intuition as to what area of your body needs attention. She is kind and gentle and always holds a safe space for her clients. I recommend her to everyone I know (and some that I don’t) who suffers from both physical and emotional pain. Katie is a true healer.


Katie is very knowledgeable and person centered. Myofascial release work has been very beneficial for me and she has also helped with some vertigo issues and helped get my exercise program on track. She is a wonderful women's wellness resource and someone I happily recommend as the best physical therapist in the area to anyone looking for Myofascial Release, pelvic floor therapy, or general women's wellness work.


When Katie asked me to share our success story as patient and therapist, I thought, “How do I put 23 years of this journey into a few paragraphs?” but here goes. 


I have been working with Katie for 9 years. I was diagnosed with a chronic pain disorder in 1998. It was debilitating. I spent 15 years working to find something that would allow me to live without pain, at least some of the time. I was diligent practicing yoga, walking and strength training. My therapies included traditional physical therapy, massage, and chiropractic care. While these helped and decreased the pain, I was still taking Ibuprofen daily and experiencing flare-ups regularly.  


In 2013 my husband needed physical therapy, so our clinic set him up with Katie. After his first visit, he came home and asked me if I’d ever had myofascial release therapy. I told him many people had used that on me. He said, “I don’t think you’ve ever had anything like what Katie does!” 


That was the beginning of my road to true healing! The first year I received treatments twice per week. I was astounded at my progress, and I was off the Ibuprofen. The second year, treatments were once per week with continued healing and pain-free days! My treatments decreased in frequency over time with continued healing. Today I function without pain most of the time. MY issue continues to be chronic (aging is also a factor), so I choose to see Katie on a regular basis (every two to three weeks). Her healing touch continues to amaze me! I wish I could describe it for you, but my words would not do justice to her skills as healer. 

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